XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals

Spring 2017  8 Weeks

Games are plaid on Sundays

April 9-May 28, 2017

Fall 2017  8 Weeks

September 24-November 12, 2017

Game Format
5 v 5 with goalie  (4 field players plus goalie)

Ages and Formats

Boys born 2014 BU 4
Boys born 2013 BU 5
Boys born 2012 BU 6
Boys born 2011 BU 7
Boys born 2010  BU 8
Boys born 2009  BU 9
Boys born 2008  BU 10
Girls born 2014 GU 4
Girls born 2013 GU 5
Girls born 2012 GU 6
Girls born 2011 GU 7
Girls born 2010  GU 8
Girls born 2009  GU 9
Girls born 2008  GU 10

Teams will be grouped together on a number of factors, and will rotate to play different opponents in four 20-minute games. These games are designed to:

-Provide an accelerated player development with an enjoyable atmosphere,

-Education of the game while allowing the players to make mistakes

-Participate in a level of soccer that the player is comfortable with.

$400 per team

Team roster
Maximum 10 players

Game Lengths

U10, U9, U8 play four 20-minute matches
U7 play three 20-minute matches
U6 play two 20-minute matches
U5 play two 20-minute matches
U4 play two 20-minute matches


Games will be played at a neutral location determined by the league

Referee Fees

No referees


All teams (players) must have State passes