About us

The XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals recently entered its first season operating in the US. Having experienced a growth of up to 100 percent on 2015’s total teams this program is now one of the biggest programs for young soccer players in the state.

Having doubled in size since Fall 2015, the program which hosts U4-U10 teams, is designed to aid the overall growth of young players putting them in small-sided games to encourage more touches on the ball without the pressure of a competition.

Held in a relaxed environment, coaching from the sidelines is limited as players are encouraged to practice the fundamentals of the game vital to future technical mastery. Research from US Youth Soccer has indicated that small-sided games encourage more touches on the ball – a crucial aspect of the game at an older age. The XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals represents an important aspect of youth soccer development which is often overlooked, making it an essential part of the soccer growth.