XLEAGUE 5 v 5 Soccer Festivals – Festivals of Future Soccer Stars

XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals program is open to boys and girls soccer players 4 to 10 age old. The aim of the program is to install a sense of enjoyment for playing soccer with a commitment to grassroots establishing a focus on the development and fundamentals of a soccer player in an unpressured environment. It is a great supplement to current teams, allowing players to get more games and more touches on the soccer ball.

XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals comprises of small sided 5v5 games. By using these small sided games players are encouraged to take more touches of the ball which is a key stepping stone on their pathway to becoming a better soccer player. They will gradually become more comfortable with a soccer ball at their feet as well as becoming more technically skilled players. The XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals program operates under festival formats.

Held in a relaxed environment, coaching from the sidelines is limited as players are encouraged to practice the fundamentals of the game vital to future technical mastery. Research from US Youth Soccer has indicated that small-sided games encourage more touches on the ball — a crucial aspect of the game at an older age. XLEAGUE 5 v 5 Soccer Festivals program represents an important aspect of youth soccer development which is often overlooked, making it an essential part of players growth.


  • Accepted worldwide as the most effective game for developing youth players.
  • The national youth game of Brazil, credited with creating the highest number of international superstars from one country.
  • Fast becoming the format of choice in many US states.
  • Provides over 300% more touches, shots, passing combinations, and one on one confrontations compared to 8V8 format.
  • Allows for better tactical development. Fewer players on the field allows players to track teammates and opponents, allowing for better awareness of time and space.

5V5 develops the brain, accelerates technical and tactical development and it’s just more fun. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to get games, develop your team, and have fun during or off season join us and remember why you all love this game.  The 5v5 XLEAGUE Soccer Festivals is an attempt to safely imitate pickup street soccer that is played so commonly in other countries. It is the game that develops all of the best players coming from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Europe etc due to it’s small spaces, quick decisions and number of touches players get per game. The games are coachless and scores are not kept so players also play in a stress free environment which encourages creativity and player development.